Mastercard® Travel Cards

Secure at home and abroad
Pay Smart on any trip.

Going on Vacation?? Get the Plastic Travelers Card at Riverside Community FCU.

Easy to use Worldwide! Use everywhere VISA® debit or Debit Mastercard® is accepted. Your card and the money on it, are replaceable if lost or stolen.

Withdraw cash at ATMs! Call 866-261-7741 to set your PIN and Access fee-free* MoneyPass® ATMs* nationwide.

Monitor balance & Transactions! View card activity at Set up text message alerts* at 866-261-7741.

Reload with these options:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Cash reload options include Green Dot®, MoneyGram® and Western Union®
  • Ingo Money™ mobile check load*
  • Your Financial Institution*
* See Details, fees and other important information in the Mastercard Travel Card brochure.
Please take a look at Travel Insurance Brochure
MC Travel Card